Kid’s Club – What to Know Before You Go

Kid’s Club – What to Know Before You Go

The Midlothian Athletic Club is devoted to you and your child’s fitness, which is why our fitness center offers a Kids’ Club. We are committed to keeping your children safe, challenged, and happy – while you enjoy a little time to yourself! The Kids’ Club offers Legos, puzzles, trucks, trains and even a Skyward Summit to climb. We also provide a stocked library, a play kitchen, and a huge doll house for imaginative play. Your children are sure to make new friends and learn new concepts and skills in a positive and safe environment. All MAC Kids’ Club staff members hold current CPR/AED/First Aid certification.

Diaper Changes

Please be sure your child is clean and dry before entering the Kids’ Club. If needed, the Kids’ Club staff will locate the parent to change the diaper.

Food & Snacks

Because of food allergies, MAC Kids’ Club is a nut-free environment. Please do NOT send any foods with peanuts, nuts or nut products with your children. We also do NOT allow lollipops, gum, canned drinks or any glass containers.

Examples of acceptable foods are chips, pretzels, pop tarts, crackers, grain bars, fruit snacks, cereal, and sliced fruit. Please send all drinks in spill-proof cups. Kids’ Club staff will give pre-mixed or pre-measured bottles to infants; however, we are not able to spoon-feed infants.

Illness & Medications

Please do not bring children with colds, flu, pink eye, green runny nose, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash or other illnesses to the Kids’ Club. If your child is too sick to go to school or participate in other activities, he/she should not come to the Kids’ Club. The Kids’ Club staff will not administer or apply any medications or ointments.

Infant Reservation System

In order to provide the care your children need, we require that you make a reservation for all children up to 18 months prior to bringing them to the Kids’ Club. Reservations must be made at least 30 minutes in advance (and are accepted up to a week in advance) by contacting Kids’ Club 330-2222 ext 4. There is a two hour time limit for all infant reservations.

Personal Items

Please label all cups, bottles, snack containers, pacifiers, diaper bags, etc. with your child’s name. Please do not bring toys from home; however, security items such as blankets are permitted.

Special Needs

Please notify the Kids’ Club staff if your child has allergies or any other medical limitations.

Biting, Hitting & Other Aggressive Behaviors

Please know that safety of all children in our Kids’ Club area is of the utmost importance to MAC and our staff. Therefore, in instances such as biting, hitting, and other aggressive behaviors, the Kids’ Club staff will immediately contact the child’s parent who is displaying these actions. The child will be removed from Kids’ Club and will not be allowed to return that day. In the event of a second display of these actions, the child will not be able to utilize the Kids’ Club for one full week. A third display will require a conference with Kids’ Club Director, parents and MAC Management to write a plan of action with the ultimate goal being that the child enjoys Kids’ Club safely and appropriately.

Time Limit

Kids’ Club visits are limited to two hours per visit. Members must remain on-site while children are in Kids’ Club (except in the cases of pre-scheduled Parents Night Out).