MAC supports and encourages an active lifestyle for the children of our members. We offer a variety of programs and events designed especially for our younger members.

Just like you, your child needs some form of exercise to keep them healthy and in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. To help your child embrace an active lifestyle, it’s a good idea to get a family membership to MAC . We don’t just offer individual memberships, but memberships that everyone in your family may enjoy. With the increasing child obesity epidemic in the United States, encouraging your child to be active will not only help them be healthy during this segment of their life, but throughout the years as they age. With so many kids sitting at desks in school all day, surrounded by homework at night, and tempted by video games, it’s important that your child gets a healthy dose of physical activity every day. Recess and gym at school aren’t enough, which is why a gym membership to a versatile athletic club like MAC will be just the trick for everyone in the family to be healthy. Read below to learn about all the active opportunities for MAC kids.


Fun and Developmental

Our MAC youth programs focus on two main themes. The first priority is for fitness and physical activity to be fun. The more a child enjoys fitness, the more likely the child will continue to participate. The second priority is skill development. Not only do our programs advance a child’s skill set within a sport, they also improve coordination and gross motor skills.