Philip Search, Personal Trainer

Philip Search
Personal Trainer

Philip Search has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years.

Having been bullied and then suffering from self-esteem, he started lifting weights and bodybuilding in his late teens into his early 30’s. Having done competition’s, with God’s grace and a strong support team, his fears and insecurity’s went away and his growing passion for other’s self-confidence and overall health has brought 100’s of others to a successful pursuit of their fitness best.

He has been featured on ABC News concerning the food quality within the Richmond area school system, has grown a thriving successful client following throughout Richmond, showed and competed in multiple states, developed his knowledge with other leading trainers and fitness coaches throughout the US and is known by many as #FitPhil.

Furthering his passion for teaching strength, safe and proper lifting techniques, he’s a Master Trainer in dynamic functional core training, body toning, and SBMT (strong body movement training). Knowledgeable in Hormone Re-Balancing and Elevation, foods and supplements related to an individual’s fitness, all combined with a healthy holistic approach and mindset.

Having 18 plus certifications, licenses and product coaching with global brands like TRX, LEBERT, BOSU, SKLZ, AAA/ISMA, VIIT, and DYNAMAX; he brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients from functional strength to maximizing core functionality, improved stability, body balance, post surgical and joint pain management, body toning programs, nutritional science and mindset coaching.

He also is the owner of the #FitPhilZone in New Kent.


“Keep #CrushingIT!” – #FitPhil